Lanre Sarumi

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Lanre Sarumi
Occupation CEO
Employer Riskbone LLC
Location Chicago
Twitter @riskbone
LinkedIn Profile

Lanre Sarumi is the CEO of Riskbone LLC, a real time risk management and quantitative analytics software firm.[1][2][3]

He is also the CEO of Leveltradingfield LLC, a free online financial platform he started in 2016 with real time news from hundreds of sources, historic charts, instant messaging, and event driven analysis.


Before Riskbone, Sarumi worked in senior management roles in several firms in the U.S., Canada and the United Kingdom. He was also a trader and Director of IT at Traditum, a proprietary trading firm in Chicago. Before Traditum, he founded OhmsRazor, an ultra-secure online payment platform. Before OhmsRazor, Sarumi served as an IT manager at Citadel Investment Group where he led teams that developed several back office and middle office systems.


Sarumi holds an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University, and a B.Eng, Electrical/Electronic Engineering, from UCL, University of London, UK.

MarketsWiki Education, Chicago 2016

“It turned out that what I was good at became what I was doing.”

Lanre Sarumi entered the financial markets for one reason alone – he wanted to be a trader – yet he struggled to find a bank or trading group willing to hire him as one. He eventually took a job as a systems developer at Citadel Investment Group, where he led teams that designed risk solutions for the back and middle office. Though he was great at building risk solutions, his heart was in trading, so every time there was an opportunity to move into a trading position, he would take it.

Unfortunately, trading was not Sarumi’s strong suit. Though he had some successes, he also had a number of setbacks. On more than one occasion, his manager would call him into the office and say, “I know you want to be a trader, but what we really need is for you to take a look at our risk management software.”

Eventually, Sarumi got the message. He now runs his own risk management and quantitative analytics firm. The message? While there is nothing wrong with following your heart, sometimes your best opportunities in life lie with your greatest proficiencies.


With the launch of the first bitcoin futures only a couple of days away, JLN asked Lanre Sarumi, the CEO of the quantitative analytics software firm Riskbone as well as CEO of Level Trading Field, a free online financial news and analytics platform, what traders should know before taking the plunge into this very new product. Sarumi spoke about who will be trading the fledgling futures and why, the differences between the proposed contracts at Cboe, CME and Nasdaq, and some strategies traders might use to make the most of the current bitcoin mania.


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