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|loc      =  Chicago   
|loc      =  Chicago   
|name    =  Lorna Kiewert
|name    =  Lorna Kiewert
|pic      =  LornaKiewert.jpg{{!}}150px
|pic      =  Lorna-Kiewert-Headshot.jpg{{!}}150px
|twitter  =  LornaRoseKey
|twitter  =  K_Lorna
|linkedin = http://www.linkedin.com/pub/lorna-kiewert/28/b47/a46
|linkedin = http://www.linkedin.com/pub/lorna-kiewert/28/b47/a46
|url      =  [http://3ptscomm.com/ 3ptscomm.com]
|url      =  [http://3ptscomm.com/ 3ptscomm.com]

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Lorna Kiewert
Occupation Vice President, Fintech
Employer 3Points Communications
Location Chicago
Twitter @K_Lorna
LinkedIn Profile
Website 3ptscomm.com

Lorna Kiewert is a vice president, director for fintech and a former account manager at 3Points Communications, based in Chicago. She assists clients with market commentary and social media programs, in addition to acting as a liaison with general business and trade media.[1][2]


She joined 3Points after working at ELX Futures, a futures exchange specializing in global interest rate benchmarks. [3] She also worked as a marketing intern for CQG.


Kiewert graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a BA in Communication and a minor in Sociology.


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