Lou Eccleston

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Lou Eccleston
Lou Eccleston.jpg
Occupation Chairman, S&P Dow Jones Indices; President, S&P Capital IQ
Employer McGraw-Hill Financial
Location New York
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Lou Eccleston is president of S&P Capital IQ and chairman of S&P Dow Jones Indices, the benchmark index licensing firm jointly owned by McGraw-Hill and CME Group.[1] He was named to the two positions within McGraw-Hill Financial when the company formed in 2012.[2]


Eccleston joined Standard & Poor's Corp. in 2008 as executive managing director of fixed income risk management. Before joining S&P, he was chairman and CEO of Pivot Inc., a technology company serving financial market professionals.[3]

Previously, Eccleston spent five years at Thomson Financial, where he served in a number of roles including president of global sales, marketing and services, and president of the banking and brokerage division. He also spent 14 years as a managing director for Bloomberg L.P..


Eccleston earned a BA in Economics from Drew University in 1979 and an MBA in Finance in 1983 from La Salle University.


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