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Position limits are the predetermined position level (number of contracts allowable for holding) set by regulatory bodies — such as the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, or by an exchange. Position limits are intended to protect futures markets from excessive speculation that could cause unreasonable or unwarranted price fluctuations and are sometimes referred to as “speculative limits”. The Commodity Exchange Act (CEA) authorized the CFTC to impose limits on the size of speculative positions in futures …  [ View page]

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MarketsWiki Education Is More Than Paying It Forward

John Lothian » 5.26.16

Pay it forward. Do something nice for someone because some other person did something nice for you. In the case of MarketsWiki Education, you can pass on your passion for the markets and the underlying industry by sending your interns, your newer employees, or your son or daughter to the event series. You can help change someone’s life for the better, I promise you. That is the kind of response we have had from some … Read more

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Double Miles?: CBOE’s Frequent Trader Program Looks to Reward Traders and Provide a Window into Traders’ Worlds

Jim Kharouf » 5.13.16

Half Full: Trade Alert’s Schwartz Says Options Industry Has Growth Opportunities

Jim Kharouf » 5.12.16

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