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Brian Quintenz was officially sworn in on Wednesday as a commissioner of the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission to a term that expires in April 2020.  He was nominated by President Trump to fill a Republican vacancy on the commission, after having previously been nominated (but not confirmed) for that role under the Obama administration. View page

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The Impact of Global Finance – Brian Durkin

Mike Forrester » 8.16.17

“As you journey onward, it’s not always about the next promotion . When your colleagues or boss suggest that you make a lateral move, take it. Don’t just sit there and ask what’s in it for me.” In this video from MarketsWiki Education’s World of Opportunity event in Chicago, Brian Durkin, president of CME Group, discusses the impact of global finance and how everyone from farmers to asset managers flocks to the CME because it represents the broadest array of asset classes in virtually every aspect of commodities. Durkin preaches the importance of networking and perseverance and reminds everyone not...Read more

Why You Should Bet Your Career on Chicago FinTech – Michael Kraines

Mike Forrester » 8.15.17

Grasp Your Opportunities and Adapt – Tom Sexton

Mike Forrester » 8.14.17

Alphabet Soup: The DAO, ETH, ICOs and the SEC

Jeff Bergstrom » 8.13.17

Change the Game – Tom Sosnoff

Mike Forrester » 8.13.17

Russell Suite Competition Ambiguity Raises Some Questions

John Lothian » 8.10.17

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