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CBOE Holdings Inc.


CBOE Holdings Inc. is reportedly in talks to acquire Bats Global Markets Inc., the ECN that had its long-awaited IPO on April 15.  By purchasing Bats, CBOE would reclaim its (narrow) market-share lead in U.S. options trading from Nasdaq and could potentially gain a foothold in the equities markets. View page

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The Voice: Green Key Technologies Is Turning Your Brokerage Voice Into Valuable Data; CEO Christensen Says Voice Brokerage Is Far From Dead, And The Conversations Gleaned Could Be Transformational For Firms

Jim Kharouf » 9.15.16

In today’s financial markets, the conversation is most often about electronic trading, high frequency trading, complex orders via algorithms and so forth. Yet, for the $492 trillion global OTC derivatives markets as well as block and listed markets, firms still conduct business over the phone, person-to-person, a practice which is now availing itself to new technology in compelling ways. Paul Christensen, who started as CEO of Green Key Technologies in March, told John Lothian News that phone transactions for certain markets is “a much higher quality way of communicating.” As such, technology firms are seeking ways to harness the value...Read more

Tayloe Draughon, Neurensic – Futures Industry AI and Machine Learning

Doug Ashburn » 9.13.16

JJ Kinahan, TD Ameritrade – Seeing Opportunity Everywhere in the Market

Spencer Doar » 9.8.16

Peter Nabicht, 12Sided Technology – The Implied Job Descriptions in Finance

Doug Ashburn » 9.6.16

Lanre Sarumi, RiskBone – Your Heart vs. Your Talents: Success Mindset for the Financial Industry

Jeff Bergstrom » 8.29.16

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