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Bruce Tuckman


The Commodity Futures Trading Commission announced Bruce Tuckman as its new chief economist. Tuckman replaced Sayee Srinivasan in the role - Srinivasan was appointed as a special advisor to the Chairman's Office in the same announcement. View page

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From Golfing to Trading: Decision-Making is Key – Rich Mackey

Mike Forrester » 8.20.17

“When you treat everyone fairly, you inspire loyalty.” In this video from MarketsWiki Education’s World of Opportunity event in Chicago, Rich Mackey, executive vice president, strategic initiatives for Rosenthal Collins Group, reminisces about his time as a caddie and how it prepared him for a career in finance.  Mackey caddied in the Western Open as a high schooler for Jim Colbert, a PGA legend, which helped him realize the difference between being good and great is the amount of hustle you put in everyday. Mackey stresses the importance of a great reputation because early in his career it served as the...Read more

Thesys vs. Goliath: That’s One Big CAT

Spencer Doar » 8.17.17

Five Steps to Creating Wealth – Terry Savage

Mike Forrester » 8.17.17

The Impact of Global Finance – Bryan Durkin

Mike Forrester » 8.16.17

Why You Should Bet Your Career on Chicago FinTech – Michael Kraines

Mike Forrester » 8.15.17

Grasp Your Opportunities and Adapt – Tom Sexton

Mike Forrester » 8.14.17

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