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Robert Zagotta


Robert Zagotta, senior managing director, strategy & execution at CME Group, will leave the company, along with Umesh Gajria, CME Group's executive director of global business development, according to FOW.  Their departure marks the latest management changes at the company under its new chief executive, Terry Duffy. View page

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Walt Lukken: Three Ideas for Trump and a New Optimism for FIA Boca

Jim Kharouf » 2.24.17

After almost seven years of Dodd-Frank reforms, the industry has adjusted, reacted and adapted to the new regulatory structure. Now with the new Trump administration in Washington, the Futures Industry Association sees an opportunity to take stock of what’s been done and what might be the best plan going forward. There’s no doubt the industry has struggled to comply with the spate of new rules from the CFTC, not to mention from other federal agencies. Walt Lukken, president and CEO of the Futures Industry Association, has advocated for looking at three main areas of regulation that maintain regulatory reforms but...Read more

20/20 Vision: Richard Sandor, Inventor Of Market Solutions, Releases New Book On Environmental Markets

Jim Kharouf » 2.21.17

MarketsWiki Education 2017 World of Opportunity Series for Stockholm, Chicago and New York Announced

Jeff Bergstrom » 2.15.17

Maker or Taker?

John Lothian » 2.13.17

MarketsWikiEducation Re-Launches Website

Jeff Bergstrom » 2.9.17

Solidifying an American foothold: LSEG’s UnaVista and MTS platforms look to expand

Spencer Doar » 2.7.17

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