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Christopher Keith, a former New York Stock Exchange CTO and pioneer in financial technology, passed away Sunday at the age of 86. View page

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John Lothian News Features

Time to Close the Asset Class Ban Loophole

John Lothian » 5.25.17

Corzine and his ilk Should be Banned Across All Asset Classes With the recent news that former MF Global CEO Jon Corzine is attempting to make a comeback at age 70 as a hedge fund manager, it became clear there is a hole in our regulatory system that needs to be fixed. Corzine is banned for life by the CFTC from trading futures, yet he can operate in the securities and FX worlds managing other people’s money. It is time to clean up the regulatory loophole and banish those whose trading privileges have been revoked in one asset class from...Read more

Options Adoption: Growth Potential in the Advisory Space

Spencer Doar » 5.25.17

2017 Sullivan Award Winner Gina McFadden Looks Back at a Long and Lively Career

Sarah Rudolph » 5.21.17

The Event Of The Summer: JLN & FOW Present Trading Chicago

Jeff Bergstrom » 5.15.17

How Do You Save the Capital Markets?

Jim Kharouf » 5.14.17

Options Industry Conference Update: Congress Continues To Push For Avoiding Unintended Consequences in Tax and Dodd-Frank reforms

Jim Kharouf » 5.10.17

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