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London Metal Exchange


According to the Financial Times, The London Metal Exchange is preparing to launch the world’s first lithium futures contract in the second half of 2019, a cash-settled contract that would allow traders to speculate on prices for the important ingredient in electric car batteries. View page

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David Silverman Commentary on February 5: We are a “master and slave to the system”

David Silverman » 7.13.18

I read the JLN essay about the events of February 5. I had heard many of the rumors that quickly emerged in the aftermath of the carnage and, as always the case in these types of situations, wasn’t sure what to believe. So, first, congratulations on the incisive and important reporting. It’s scary to consider how vulnerable the FCM community—and by extension, the entire industry—is to these periodic shocks; especially since the previously rare black swan sighting has become an increasingly regular occurrence. I suppose it’s possible to look at February 5 in a positive light. After all, every FCM...Read more

EU Parliament and ECB Taking a Look At Cryptocurrencies

Thom Thompson » 7.12.18

EU Parliament and ECB Taking a Look At Cryptocurrencies

Thom Thompson » 7.10.18

The LIBOR Transition

Spencer Doar » 7.9.18

Making the time for readiness

Spencer Doar » 7.6.18

Cinnober looking to tap into treasury

Jim Kharouf » 7.5.18

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