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CME Group


CME Group has postponed a shareholder vote aimed at eliminating six board director seats elected by traders, moving it from Nov. 5  to Nov. 29, Crain's reported. The move comes amid growing opposition to the proposal from Class B shareholders, who have had the right to elect directors ever since CME changed to a publicly traded company from a member-owned exchange in 2005.   View page

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Spoofing: The Need for Regulatory Clarity

Spencer Doar » 11.16.18

“You don’t want to get caught doing something that you thought was legal, but somehow it has wandered into the grey zone, somebody’s taken a dislike to you, and then they throw the book at you three years afterwards.” In this video, Alex Lamb, The Technancial Company’s head of marketing and business development Americas, discusses the problems with identifying and preventing manipulative trading practices.   Produced by Mike Forrester    Read more

Rethinking Risk Management

Spencer Doar » 11.14.18

Cyber Security: If You Are Not Compliant, You Are Not Secure

Jeff Bergstrom » 11.12.18

Crypto Origin Stories: How’d You Hear About It?

Spencer Doar » 11.12.18

A Comprehensive Crypto Outlook: Pain, Progress and Metaphors

Spencer Doar » 11.9.18

Bringing Nasdaq’s Derivatives Franchises Together

Spencer Doar » 11.8.18

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