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Stephen A. Brodsky


Chicago-based R.J. O'Brien & Associates on Wednesday announced that Stephen A. Brodsky has joined the firm in the newly created role of chief strategy officer.  View page

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From Corporate Red Tape to Liberated Entrepreneur – Ralf Roth, Quantitative Brokers

Spencer Doar » 8.15.18

“Growth … really comes from change. So if you look at when I was in the fixed income business and people were using HP calculators to interpolate their yields – if we’d stuck with that, it would not have driven us forward.”   Ralf Roth, CEO of Quantitative Brokers, has seen colleagues try to meticulously plan for their future or that of their children only to realize that nothing can go exactly as planned. In this video from MarketsWiki Education’s New York event, Roth talks about how he inadvertently ended up meeting his goal of working for a bank, the...Read more

Cinnober’s new CEO will have to consider the next move

Jim Kharouf » 8.14.18

Tech firms looking to change the technology stack

Jim Kharouf » 8.13.18

How to Survive the Financial Media Markets for 30+ Years – Bruce Morris, Tabb Group

Spencer Doar » 8.13.18

Banks and Fintechs: Friends or Foes? – Sadia Halim, BNP Paribas

Spencer Doar » 8.10.18

How is Bitcoin Like a Motorboat? – Jeff Bandman, Bandman Advisors

Spencer Doar » 8.9.18

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