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Commodity Futures Trading Commission


Facing a budget that has not kept up with its regulatory duties, the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) has offered buyouts or early retirement to some of its employees.        View page

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Thom Thompson » 9.18.18

Last week many of us were surprised to hear EF Hutton talk again – Wow! They exist? – when Hutton issued three press releases over eight days. Hutton has emerged as potentially much cooler, socially conscious version of a money machine and not just because the money takes the form of cryptocurrency. It seems that Hutton’s brand had been hanging out somewhere deep in Citigroup until half a dozen years ago when it was resurrected and sent out to fare on its own. EF Hutton today is a broker dealer unit of HUTN, Inc. Based in Springfield, Ohio, HUTN’s CEO...Read more

How blockchain may be used to create “smart cities” – Paul Doherty of TDG

Matt Raebel » 9.16.18

What does your clearinghouse DEFCON scale look like today?

Jim Kharouf » 9.14.18

Under The Crypto Hood With CMT Digital

Mike Forrester » 9.11.18

X_TRADER Transformed The Industry: Now It’s Time To Do It Again

Jim Kharouf » 9.6.18

Lessons from My Crypto Career Risk – Tim McCourt, CME Group

Spencer Doar » 9.6.18

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