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Quantitative Brokers LLC

Deutsche Börse just announced it has acquired a majority stake in Quantitative Brokers. Both parties expect the transaction to be completed by the end of 2020, subject to regulatory approvals.Read more

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John Lothian News Features

New FTSE Russell Data Model Looks for ‘Green’ in Global Investments

Suzanne Cosgrove » 9.18.20

Ahead of the implementation of an ambitious EU classification system for sustainable activities, known as the EU Taxonomy, FTSE Russell this week launched a Green Revenues 2.0 model to classify the “green” revenue exposure of global listed companies, a segment of the economy that FTSE Russell estimates is worth approximately $4 trillion. A final Taxonomy […]Read more

Fed’s Star Witness in Spoofing Trial Gets Tarnished Under Cross-Examination

Thom Thompson » 9.17.20

Blue Skies In a Post-COVID World: Downside Doesn’t Look as Deep, SocGen Says

Suzanne Cosgrove » 9.16.20

New Retail Interest Spurs Renewed Focus on Investor Education

Suzanne Cosgrove » 9.15.20

Illinois’ Social Equity License Applicants Get Their Day in Court

Suzanne Cosgrove » 9.14.20

Were Illinois’ Social Equity Applicants Burned?

JLN Staff » 9.11.20

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