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Arnaud Vagner


Arnaud Vagner, an analyst and researcher for Iceberg Research, confirmed he is behind Iceberg reports that helped bring down Noble Group, once of the world's biggest commodity trading houses.  View page

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The Challenges of Crypto Market Trade Surveillance – Bailey Kessing, Trillium

Spencer Doar » 8.16.18

“So what type of trouble can crazy, 85-year-old Aunt Zelda – who’s now a honed market manipulator – get into in the crypto world?”  Do you have an aunt named Zelda? Do you own cryptocurrency? Ever had an awkward conversation at Thanksgiving dinner?  In this video from MarketsWiki Education’s event in New York, Bailey Kessing, head of business development for Trillium, uses a few examples to demonstrate how market manipulation in cryptocurrencies could occur.     Produced by Mike ForresterRead more

From Corporate Red Tape to Liberated Entrepreneur – Ralf Roth, Quantitative Brokers

Spencer Doar » 8.15.18

Cinnober’s new CEO will have to consider the next move

Jim Kharouf » 8.14.18

Tech firms looking to change the technology stack

Jim Kharouf » 8.13.18

How to Survive the Financial Media Markets for 30+ Years – Bruce Morris, Tabb Group

Spencer Doar » 8.13.18

Banks and Fintechs: Friends or Foes? – Sadia Halim, BNP Paribas

Spencer Doar » 8.10.18

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