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Paul McCormick
Employer Opening City Doors
Location London
Twitter @pmc666
LinkedIn Profile

Paul McCormick is founder of Opening City Doors, a London-based web site that offers market knowledge, career advice and tip to help undergraduates, graduates and aspiring young professionals obtain employment with financial sector companies. He moved into that role full-time in 2016.

Prior to that, he served as a fixed income specialist with Thomson Reuters in London. He joined the firm in 2001 as a risk management specialist and shifted to the fixed income side in 2005. He also works for the firm as a graduate recruiter.[1]


McCormick has been a fixed income trader since the mid 1980s, and has held positions in a number of banks and securities firms including

Earlier in his career he worked as a securities and FX broker at Laurie Millbank & Co.

MarketsWiki Education Video, 2015

Paul McCormick, Opening City Doors - Finding your First/Next Financial Job
"There is a mismatch between the way companies like to hire people and the way graduates and young professionals like to get hired."

Paul McCormick has represented a half dozen of the biggest names in the banking world in his 30 years as a fixed income trader. He also worked as a graduate recruiter for Thomson Reuters, while writing his blog, Opening City Doors, that helps graduates and young professionals find a place in the London financial scene.

John Lothian News Interview, 2014

Hunting Guide: Paul McCormick Helps Students Find Financial Jobs

London’s financial industry employs about 250,000 people but the hurdles are high for new graduates and young professionals. Paul McCormick, of Thomson Reuters in London is trying to help the next generation into the markets with helpful advice about getting a job. His blog,, may assist in bringing the best and brightest to firms.

“There’s a couple hundred companies in this industry,” he said. “All of these companies have got demand for new graduates and new talent each year. But from a graduate point of view, where do you start, you know? How do you find those opportunities?”

McCormick’s blog is trying to address that very question with tips to prepare graduates for the job search in what most call the “City.” He should know, he’s held jobs with eight different banks and a software firm as well, has interviewed more than 200 times in his career and been the hiring manager more than 50 times.


McCormick holds a BA, Honours, Business Studies, from the University of Sheffield.


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