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Rolf Andersson
Employer Goldman Sachs
Location Stockholm, Sweden
Twitter @Pantorian1

Rolf Andersson is a Stockholm, Sweden-based entrepreneur, innovator, business developer, and software architect. He is currently with Goldman Sachs after the intellectual property of the technology firm he co-founded, Pantor Engineering AB, was acquired by Goldman.[1][2]

Andersson was one of the original designers of FAST protocol. He served as a co-chair of the FPL Market Data Optimization Working Group responsible for the maintenance and development of the FAST Protocol.[3]


Andersson became interested in technology at an early age. In high school he used a time sharing system with a teleprinter. He began his collegiate studies at the Stockholm School of Economics ("SSE").

While at SSE, he worked part-time as a research assistant on a project named Findata. Findata provided real-time and historical financial data for commercial and research users.

When Findata was spun off as a startup in 1983, Andersson joined as one of the founders. He spent ten years at Findata before leaving to take a job at the Stockholm Stock Exchange.

Andersson had done some consulting work for the Stockholm Stock Exchange part-time from 1987 to 1990. When the exchange decided to invest SEK 100 million in a new system, Andersson became the technical architect and his Pantor co-founder, Anders Furuhed, became the development team lead.

The system they built, initially called "SAX2000," ran until 2008, when it was replaced by Nasdaq's INET system. SAX2000 was later renamed SAXESS.

Andersson left OM, which acquired the Stockholm Stock Exchange in 1998, after the launch of the SAXESS system in 1999.

He co-founded Pantor with Anders Furuhed and Ola Arvidson to build products based on cool technologies. They built a wide range of trading applications used by banks, exchanges and investors, including direct market access, smart order routing, market making, matching engines, and market data distribution.[4].[5]

In October of 2016, Goldman Sachs acquired the intellectual property of Pantor and the company.


Stockholm School of Economics


Andersson participated in the MarketsWiki Education World of Opportunity series in Stockholm in March of 2017. His presentation was titled "Attention To Detail: High Performance Requires Hard Work."


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