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Rolfe & Nolan
Founded 1974
Headquarters Global HQ: London, North American HQ: Chicago
Key People Andrea Pignataro, Chief Executive Officer
Employees 400+
Products Front, middle, and back office processing solutions to the international derivatives industry.
Website www.iontrading.com

Rolfe & Nolan is the exchange-traded derivatives subsidiary of ION Trading. The firm was purchased by ION in July of 2008.

Founded in 1974, Rolfe & Nolan supplies front, middle and back office processing to the global derivatives industry.[1]

The company’s client base includes over 125 global investment banks, regional banks, brokerages and exchanges across Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific. Rolfe & Nolan is headquartered in London and has operations in Chicago, New York, Singapore, Sydney, Milan and Frankfurt.

Rolfe & Nolan’s product strategy is centered around the provision of full front-to-back solutions for exchange-traded derivatives.

Products and Services

  • Front office: multi-currency, Web-based, private label tools for order entry and real-time account inquiry.
  • Middle Office: Platform independent, standards-based, cross-asset capable set of modules. These modules cover various business processes including margins, fee calculations, risk assessment, and brokerage.
  • Back Office: Clearing, settlement and reporting functionality. RISC (Real-time Information System for Commodities) and RANsys are the North American and European back-office systems, respectively.
  • Services: The Rolfe & Nolan Facilities Management and ASP service allows firms to outsource hardware, network connectivity, application processing and exchange connectivity requirements to Rolfe & Nolan.

Key People



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