Rory O'Kane

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Rory O'Kane
Occupation Director
Employer [[Knight Equity Markets]]
Location Chicago

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Rory O'Kane is a director of US Options at Knight Equity Markets. He joined Knight in January of 2010 after spending the previous 10 years at TD Securities.[1]


O'Kane served as president of the Securities Traders Association of Chicago in 2008.[2]

He has been in the equities and options trading business for more than 28 years.[3]

Prior to joining Knight, he was managing director/president of TD Professional Execution, Inc., a unit of TD Securities USA.

He was also former President of Rom-Bo Trading Company (a unit of Stafford Trading Company). His firm was a NASDAQ market maker and CBOE member responsible for providing options, equities, and futures execution capabilities to option floor-based and upstairs derivative-trading firms.

He is a Securities Traders Association governor and also co-chairs the STA Options Committee and STA PAC Committee.

He serves on the SIFMA Options, ISE Allocation, ISE Retail Advisory, and the ISE Nominating Committees.



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