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Saudi Stock Exchange (Tadawul)
Founded July 200
Headquarters Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Key People Chairman Fahad al-Mubarak
Products Tadawul All Share Index
Website http://www.tadawul.com.sa

The Saudi Stock Exchange (SSE), known locally by its Arabic name Tadawul, is by far the largest securities exchange in the Middle East and more than twice the size by market capitalization of second-ranked Kuwait Stock Exchange. Trading on SSE and its benchmark All Share Index rebounded from a sharp downturn in 2008 to post an impressive rebound in 2009, and looks to continue that momentum based on early 2010 results.


The beginnings of the Saudi Stock Exchange (SSE) stirred in 1984 when a ministerial committee was formed to develop and regulate the country's securities market. A further evolutionary leap was made in 2003 with the formation of the SSE's new regulator, the Saudi Capital Markets Authority (CMA), and the market continued to grow rapidly until the 2007-2008 global financial crisis. Template:Infobox Midpage Need Sponsor In 2007 the SSE was converted from a mutually-owned organization into a joint-stock company, the same year the exchange switched its electronic trading system to one provided by Swedish electronic exchange developer OMX, now part of the NASDAQ-OMX Group.[1]

With investment markets in the Middle East sliding in 2008 the CMA moved to shore up trading on the SSE by taking steps to encourage more foreign investment in Saudi securities markets. In August 2008 the CMA released new investment rules for non-resident foreign investors that allowed them to enter swap agreements with Saudi intermediaries, in effect allowing them a form of indirect ownership of Saudi Arabian securities for the first time, Reuters reported.[2] The SSE currently lists 139 equities, 42 mutual funds and 6 bonds and sukuk (Islamic finance) instruments.

Key products

The SSE's benchmark Tadawul All Share Index (TASI) had its calculation method changed in 2007 to exclude shares owned by Saudi government entities, foreign partners, founding partners during a restriction period and those owning more than 10% of the SSE's own shares.[3] The CMA also introduced four new equities-market sectors into the TASI calculation: banking, insurance, communications and cement.

Recent performance

The SSE was the region's best-performing equities market in 2009, gaining 27.5% over the year after losing about 60% of its value over the disastrous 2008, and rising crude oil prices are expected to fuel continued upward momentum in the investment markets through 2010.[4] In mid-2009 the Saudi Stock Exchange was ranked number one in the Middle East region with a market capitalisation of $287.5 billion compared to second-ranked Kuwait Stock Exchange $122.3 billion.[5]

In the first quarter of 2010 the SSE has continued to grow in value, increasing its market cap to $331.22 billion by the end of January 2010 and then to $399.24 billion one month later.[6] Over the same period (January - February 2010) the Tadawul All Share Index (TASI) has risen 5.16% and over the year to the end of January 2010 the TASI has increased by just over 30%.

Key people

SSE Chairman Dr. Fahd Al-Mubarak was appointed in 2009 after being named to the exchange's board of directors in November 2007 from the SSE's pool of eligible licensed broker members.[7] Al-Mubarak has a two-decade history in the Saudi investment industry and has been closely involved with prominent Saudi privatizations such as the National Gas Industry of Saudi Arabia and Saudi Telecom.[8] He founded Saudi investment bank The Capital Group (TCG) in 2001 and subsequently became chairman of Morgan Stanley Saudi Arabia after TGC entered a joint venture with the American investment bank in January 2007.[9]

Latest news

Despite early positive signs in 2010 for the SSE, negative investor sentiment for the countries of the Gulf Co-operation Council (GCC) appears to be dragging down the exchange's outlook. According to a recent poll of GCC investor sentiment, the 2010 February's overall GCC Investor Confidence Index fell 8.9 points while the Saudi index dropped 8.7 points, the second-largest decline after the United Arab Emirates.[10]


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