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Scott Nations
Occupation Founder, President and CIO
Employer NationsShares
Location Chicago
Twitter @ScottNations

Scott Nations is the founder and president of NationsShares and developer of the Nations VolDex Index.[1]

NationsShares grew out of Nations' previous work leading proprietary equity index option trading firms.

He is the author of Options Math for Traders: How To Pick the Best Option Strategies for Your Market Outlook (Wiley Trading).


Previously, Nations was head trader for Sovereign Capital, a proprietary trading firm based in New York and Chicago. Sovereign principally traded equity index futures and options using open outcry. While at Sovereign, Nations was one of the first traders to deploy wireless handheld computers in the S&P option pit at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, where he was a member.

Before joining Sovereign, he was senior fixed income option trader and CBOT floor manager for the Arbitrage Group, a proprietary option trading firm with operations in Chicago, New York and San Francisco. Nations was responsible for development and implementation of a proprietary option pricing model along with deployment of wireless handheld computers to the trading floor. While at the CBOT, he also served on the exchange's Technology Committee.[2]


Nations holds a B.S. from the University of Kansas. He grew up in Overland Park, Kansas and currently resides with his wife in Chicago.

John Lothian News Video Interview

There is a regular drum beat in the financial services arena about a "new asset class" or the "next asset class," many of which really aren't actually new. In recent years, volatility has checked most, if not all, of the boxes for a new asset class. The space has been dominated by the CBOE Volatility Index, better known as the VIX or "fear gauge." But now a new volatility instrument has emerged, the VolDex, which teams Chicago-based options index firm NationsShares with the International Securities Exchange (ISE). Scott Nations, president and CIO of NationsShares, says his VolDex index, on which the ISE is developing new options and possibly futures contracts, is the next generation volatility index that will address the needs of market users. ISE and his firm are working now to launch new options and futures contracts on the index.


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