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Silver is a traded commodity that is often paired with gold, as two of the top-traded precious metals that previously underpinned the value of the U.S. currency. Silver futures and spot contracts are traded OTC and exchanges such as the CME Group and NYSE LIFFE U.S. Silver reached an all-time high of $49.51 on April 28, 2011, inching past the high set in 1980, when the Hunt brothers attempted to corner the silver market.[1]

Available Products

CME Group's silver futures include a full-sized contract, which is 5,000 troy ounces,[2] as well E-mini silver futures, which were launched in April 2009. E-mini silver futures are sized at 1,000 troy ounces.[3]

NYSE LIFFE U.S., which launched in 2008, purchased the former Chicago Board of Trade's (CBOT) silver and gold futures complex. Included in the deal were mini-silver and full-sized silver contracts which were, and still are, traded on the LIFFE CONNECT electronic trading platform. (LIFFE Connect was licensed by the CBOT, but that deal ended when the exchange was purchased by CME Group.) NYSE LIFFE U.S.'s full-sized silver futures is sized at 5,000 troy ounces per contract, mini-silver futures is sized at 1,000 ounces.[4]

There are also exchange traded funds that focus on silver such as the iShares Silver Trust[5] and the ETFS Silver Trust ETF.[6]


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