Matthew Chamberlain

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Chamberlain holds a masters of arts from Cambridge University.
 '''[]''' {{#ev:youtube|Pyqgvmk5ig|400}} London Metal Exchange CEO Matt Chamberlain knows that the more than 150-year-old exchange has not been at the front of the pack when it comes to technology, but he also knows that gives it an opportunity to survey what other market participants have done in their markets. The exchange spent 2018 making some structural and technological tweaks but the big lift comes as LME rips out its interconnected “spaghetti” of technology and develops its next market data system using HKEX’s Orion platform as a base. (HKEX owns LME.) In this video from JLN’s Industry Leader Series, Chamberlain talks about straddling the line between being a monthly futures market and a daily forwards market all while building out this next iteration of exchange technology.   {{#ev:youtube|Eh-K2jmopk0|300400}}
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