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Want to sponsor MarketsWiki?
Fill out this form or send us an email.

There are five levels of MarketsWiki sponsorship with varying costs and benefits (Premium, Partner, Contributor, Supporter and Friend). Details on each level are included below. Sponsorships are also available for Environmental Markets Newsletter, JLN Metals Edition, JLN Interest Rates Blog & JLN Options Blog.

For more information on sponsorships fill out this form or send us an email.

Advertising Format

Our new advertising box displays at the top of each sponsored page. It allows sponsors to display a logo, list of links and banner that can customized to each of their sponsored pages. See the advertising box on a sample page here.

Page sponsor.gif
Become sponsor.gif
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Jln banner.gif

Premium Level

Partner Level

  • Ad space on top of 200 pages
  • Logo on sidebar of John Lothian Newsletter
  • Logo in Partner section of MarketsWiki front page side bar & Sponsor Page
  • Breaking news & accomplishments in Featured Article & Upcoming Events sections of MarketsWiki front page
  • Assistance to reformat & input company news and information into MW
  • 200 hours of consulting services to help build/support sponsor’s own internal wiki

Contributor Level

  • Ad space on top of 100 pages
  • Logo in Contributor section of Sponsor Page

Supporter Level

  • Ad space on top of 50 pages
  • Link in Supporter section of Sponsor Page

Friend Level

  • Ad space on top of 10 pages
  • Link in Friend section of Sponsor Page

Newsletter/Blog Premium Level

Newsletter/Blog Partner Level