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(Key People)
(Key People)
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*[[John J. Wawro]], Electronic Trading Manager
*[[John J. Wawro]], Electronic Trading Manager
*[[Carol Dannenhauer]], Executive Vice President
*[[Carol Dannenhauer]], Executive Vice President
*[[Steven Petillo]] -Director of IB Services
== References ==
== References ==
<references />
<references />
[[Category:Futures Commission Merchants]]
[[Category:Futures Commission Merchants]]

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Straits Financial LLC
Founded 2010
Products futures brokerage, execution. clearing
Website www.straitsfinancial.com

Straits Financial is a futures commission merchant registered with the National Futures Association and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission. They are a subsidiary of Straits Financial Group Pte Ltd, the brokerage division of the CWT Group, a South East Asia logistics company.[1][2][3]


Straits is owned by the CWT Group, a provider of integrated logistic solutions for global customers in commodities, chemical and petrochemical, marine, oil and gas, defense and industrial sectors. CWT is headquartered in Singapore and provides financial services though the asset management through Cache Logistics Trust and brokering of futures and derivatives trades.

Straits in 2011 hired a group of former MF Global Lind Waldock division employees to form the LW Division at Straits.[4]\

In 2012, Straits hired long-time Lind Waldock executive Carol Dannehauer as executive vice president and head of its then newly formed LW Managed Accounts Division.[5]

Products and Services

As a futures commission merchant, Straits provides clearing and execution services of futures and OTC products for traders of all types. They offer a variety of trading platforms, self-directed trading, broker-assisted trading and managed futures. They offer services to professional traders, individuals, Commodity Trading Advisors, Introducing Brokers and others.[6]

Key People


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