Taraneh Derayati

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Taraneh Derayati
Taraneh Derayati.jpg
Occupation Head of sales
Employer Cinnober
Location Stockholm

Taraneh Derayati is head of sales at Cinnober. She is responsible for sales on the firm's exchange and clearing technology to exchanges and clearinghouses around the globe. She took the post in March 2018.[1]

She succeeded Ulf Axman, who moved to a senior advisor role with the company.


Prior to taking on the head of sales, she worked on several large client projects including Cinnober's deal with the Japan Exchange Group to deliver a new clearing system. That project was completed in February 2018.



  1. Cinnober Promotions Move Hans Sjöberg to CTO, Taraneh Derayati to Head of Sales. Intelligent Trading Technology.