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Townsend Analytics
Founded 1985
Headquarters Chicago
Products Multi-asset class, broker-neutral platform, data, and other services

Townsend Analytics created technology-driven solutions for the global capital markets comprising four core areas: trading services, data, exchange services and portfolio and risk services. Townsend's business is primarily aimed at the institutional trading community. It was acquired by ConvergEx Group in 2010.


  • December 2010 - RealTick is acquired by ConvergEx Group, a leading technology company providing mission critical software and technology-enabled services to asset managers and financial intermediaries globally.[1]
  • 2008 - Townsend Analytics is acquired by Barclays Group and is an independently operated and wholly owned subsidiary.
  • 2005 - Townsend Analytics is acquired by Lehman Brothers and is an independently operated as a wholly owned subsidiary.[2] Townsend became a wholly owned, independently operated subsidiary of the Wall Street giant.

Products and Services

Trading Services

Services included [3]

  • Townsend Analytics’ flagship institutional product was RealTick EMS (Execution Management System). It is a multi-asset (global equities, futures, options, ETFs, bonds, FX, and synthetic equities), multi-broker, multi-routing and multi-regional market data, analytics and direct-market-access (DMA) trading platform.
  • Broker-dealer connectivity to multiple asset classes
  • Portfolio/trade order management tools
  • Real-time and customizable trading and order-entry tools for algorithmic trading
  • FIX flow - trade capture & order routing
  • Mid- and back-office reporting tools
  • Regulatory reporting tools
  • Training & documentation

Content & Data Services

  • Townsend Analytics Market Data
  • RealTick Data Display Solutions
  • News
  • Enterprise Wide Data-feeds solutions
  • Analytics
  • Research (Independent – 3rd Party- Sell Side)
  • Data API Interface

Content & Data Services - Front Office

  • Broker/manager desktop
  • RealTick Market Data Terminal(s) - quotes, charting, research, news, trading/order entry applications, and pre-trade/post-trade analytics

Content & Data Services – Middle & Back Office

  • RealTick Market Data Terminal- Account information, trade data.
  • Reference Data
  • Order Management Tools - View net positions and daily blotters.
  • Enterprise Wide Data Feeds
  • Broker/dealer extranet - web based trade and order management tool for the broker dealer.

Key People


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