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The a/c/e platform used technology developed by Eurex to distribute CBOT products to market users. The platform launched in August of 2000. It replaced Project A at the exchange.


By the end of the first week of trading on the system more than 280,000 trades were processed. At that time, some speculated that the system would eventually replace the CBOT's open-outcry trading, which at the time traded at a more than a 900,000 clip per day.[1]

In July of 2002, the CBOT and Eurex signed a new contract that converted the legal status of a/c/e from a joint platform developed by both exchanges into a Eurex platform licensed to the CBOT.[2]

In January 2003, the CBOT decided to switch their matching engine from a/c/e to LIFFE CONNECT.[3]

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