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ACTIV Financial Systems, Inc.
Founded 2002
Headquarters Chicago, IL USA

ACTIV Financial Systems, Inc. is an independent, global market data services provider. They are a vendor to global exchanges, offering a single solution to complex data management challenges by licensing, aggregating and distributing market data to capital market participants. [1]


ACTIV Financial is privately held firm founded in 2002 with offices in Chicago, New York, Singapore, Tokyo and Cambridge, UK.

Products and Services[edit]

The ACTIV Market Data Platform provides market data tailored to the needs of a wide variety of market participants. Some of the types of implementations which ACTIV engages in regularly include:

  • Algorithmic & Electronic Trading
  • Global Enterprise Distribution
  • DMA & Trading Platforms
  • Tick Capture Engines & Backtesting
  • Market Making & Auto-Quoting

Key People[edit]