Advanced Strategies for Foreign Exchange Traders

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"Advanced Strategies for Foreign Exchange Traders" is a free, self-paced, modular online course that outlines advanced FX trading strategies and concepts. CME Group developed the course for more advanced traders to increase understanding of a variety of trading strategies, including long and short futures positions, hedging, options on futures, and more advanced spreading strategies. More than 20 FX strategies are featured.

The class provides a brief refresher of the FX markets for users who want to retrace their steps knowledge-wise and allows them to explore FX strategies that interest them the most. It includes interactive exercises that let them see what happens to each position if various factors change. Video clips of experienced FX traders appear throughout the course, offering a trader’s perspective on the FX markets.[1]

Course topics include:

  • FX market concepts
  • Trading strategies using futures and options
  • Spreading strategies
  • Futures trading strategies with cross-rates
  • Advanced hedging strategies
  • Strategies to employ in various markets – more than 20 futures and options strategies examined

Other features:

  • Interactive exercises
  • Online quizzes and exams
  • Ability to earn a CME Group Certificate of Achievement

Another free online course -- "Dynamics of Foreign Exchange" -– offers traders with some knowledge of the foreign currency markets an in-depth understanding of the fundamentals of the FX market and trading CME Group FX futures. It is less advanced than the above course.

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