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Aegis Software
Founded 1994
Headquarters New York, NY USA
Key People Stanley Adelman, President and CEO
Products Execution management and testing tools for financial trading firms

New York-based Aegis Software, organized in 1994, provides trading software and services for financial companies.

Aegis is the developer of Athena, an algorithmic execution management system for equities, options, futures and foreign exchange trading. In addition to trading solutions, Aegis’ features testing products – Exchange Simulator, Client Simulator and T3, for automated, regression, interactive and performance testing of FIX-based trading systems. [1]


In February 2010, Thomson Reuters acquired Aegisoft in an effort to enhance their direct market access capabilities. [2]

Products and Services[edit]

Execution Management[edit]

  • AthenaTrader -- 100% broker-neutral trading platform designed to support global equities, futures, options and FX.
  • Athena Gateway Server (AGS)--back-end solution that integrates with order execution system (e.g. AthenaTrader) for connectivity and order routing to exchanges, ECNs and broker-dealers.
  • Athena Price Server (APS) -- connects trading system directly to the market data feeds of exchanges, ECNs, and in-house data feeds; uses standardized FIX protocol to consolidate the myriad of price feeds available, and present them in one interface.

Testing Tools[edit]

  • Exchange Simulator -- testing for Order Management Systems
  • Client Simulator -- simulation of your buy-side clients for the purpose of testing their inbound equities, options, fixed income, and futures FIX-based order flow against your trading system.
  • T3 Regression Test Suite -- regression test facility designed to provide automated regression test capabilities for FIX-based trading systems (“OMS”).

Key People[edit]

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