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Aggregated Micro Power Ltd
Headquarters London, UK
Key People Neil Eckert, Matthew Whittell
Products Investing, developing, operating in small scale renewable energy projects

Aggregated Micro Power Ltd ("AMP") specializes in investing and operating small scale renewable energy projects and technologies in the UK and elsewhere. [1]

Products and Services[edit]

AMP uses technologies that can be applied locally and are scaled to fit the needs and framework of the local environment. Using a portfolio approach, AMP seeks higher returns and reduced risk with respect to power generation.

Key People[edit]

Neil Eckert is currently chairman of Aggregated Micro Power Ltd. He is also chairman of Environova Consulting Ltd, another business in the renewable energy sector and chairman of Trading Emissions PLC, a company that invests in emission reduction projects.

Matthew Whittell is CFO of Aggregated Micro Power Ltd as well as Environova Consulting Ltd. He has also worked at Climate Exchange PLC as CFO and was finance director until the company was sold to Intercontinental Exchange Inc. in 2010.


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