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AirCarbon Pte
Founded 2019
Headquarters Singapore
Key People Thomas McMahon, CEO and Founder
Products Trading of carbon credits

Singapore-based AirCarbon Exchange (ACX) is a global carbon exchange that uses distributed ledger technology on a traditional trading architecture. Using blockchain architecture, it securitizes carbon credits into fungible and tradable securities with transparent pricing and real time settlement.

Carbon credits held by the exchange are held in a trust. For every credit deposited into the trust, a corresponding one ton Token resides on the exchange.[1] Owners of Tokens can request physical delivery of the underlying carbon credits.[2]

The exchange, which is targeted at companies and accredited investors, has more than 120 active firms with more than 200 others in various stages of joining, according to its CEO, Thomas McMahon.


Targeted at companies and accredited investors, the exchange has more than 120 active firms with more than 200 others in various stages of joining, McMahon said.

Since its launch, it has seen more than 10 million carbon credits transacted, with about 1 million swapped over the last two months, McMahon said. He expects trading volume to triple by year end as listed firms across Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan comply with new climate-reporting requirements.

In May 2022 ACX said it had teamed up with Deutsche Boerse to launch futures trading for carbon offsets some time in 2022. The futures contracts are intended to meet growing demand from companies to hedge their risks from greenhouse gas emissions, and they would be created by Deutsche Boerse using carbon credits sourced by AirCarbon. The contracts would be traded on the European Energy Exchange.[3]

Products and Services[edit]


  • AirCarbon CORSIA Eligible Tokens (CET)
  • AirCarbon Global Nature Token (GNT)
  • AirCarbon Global Nature+ Token (GNT+)
  • AirCarbon Sustainable Development Token (SDT)
  • AirCarbon Renewable Energy Token (RET)
  • AirCarbon Household Offset Token (HOT)

Key People[edit]