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Alex McCallum
Occupation Editor
Employer InsurerAM News
Twitter @AlexExetera

Alex McCallum was a financial journalist and former futures trader who was most recently the editor of InsurerAM News. He died in March of 2017.[1] He was also the owner and moderator of MarketForum, a trading related discussion web site.[2] He was a former Chicago Mercantile Exchange public relations executive.


McCallum was a veteran financial editor and media relations specialist. He was the owner and moderator of MarketForum, a message board on the Internet for traders active in the futures and options markets. MarketForum was launched in 1999.

McCallum was closely involved with online news for more than 30 years. In the early 1970s, as U.S. financial editor of Reuters, he was a member of the team that designed and operated the news agency’s first screen-based service, called Reuters News Retrieval.

Later, he was the first manager of the Telerate online financial service in London, and also helped to establish, a futures and options information service. In addition, he worked at the Harvard Business Review, and was the founding editor of UK&USA, the magazine of the British-American Chamber of Commerce.


McCallum’s online enterprises included InsurerAM News[3], a news and information service for insurance company investment executives and the investment firms that specialize in managing outsourced insurance company assets.

McCallum also worked as a PR practitioner in the field of corporate and financial communications, including spending three years (1979-1982) as vice president-public affairs at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (now CME Group). He was a media consultant to the New York Cotton Exchange and the Coffee, Sugar and Cocoa Exchange prior to their merger, which created the New York Board of Trade.

McCallum worked in London, Brussels, New York and Chicago, and Exeter, New Hampshire.


McCallum was born and educated in the United Kingdom. He received Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts degrees in Geography from the University of Oxford.


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