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Alex Konetzki
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Occupation Associate
Employer Ziliak Law, LLC
Location Chicago
LinkedIn Profile

Alexander Konetzki is an associate at Ziliak Law, LLC, a Chicago-based boutique law firm focused on the trading and investment management industry.[1] He joined the firm in July 2015, and now focuses his practice on providing legal services to startup companies.[2]


Before joining Ziliak, Konetzki served as an associate attorney at Bernstein Law and Levin Riback Law Group. He has also worked on the campaign staff for several politicians, including Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Rahm Emanuel. While attending law school, he served as a law clerk for the Circuit Court of Cook County.

Earlier in his career, Konetzki served as assistant editor of The American Conservative, a magazine and public policy forum.[3]


In 2004, Konetzki earnd a BA in Political Science and English Literature from the University of Illinois at Chicago. The following year, he earned an M.Phil in International Relations from the University of Cambridge. He then attended the DePaul University College of Law, earning a J.D. in 2010.[4]


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