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Algo Technologies
Algo Technologies.jpg
Headquarters London and New York
Key People Rami Habib, CEO
Products trading technology

Algo Technologies is a New York - and London-based technology firm serving financial exchanges, and specializes in algorithmic trading, execution, and market data services. The firm was co-founded in March 2010 by Hirander Misra, Alexei Lebedev and Rami Habib.[1]

The firm was acquired by the Intercontinental Exchange Group in April 2014.[2] [3]


Habib and Lebedev were both senior executives at ALGOEngineering, a trading technology firm founded in 2001 to develop solutions for connectivity and market data; Lebedev as CEO of the firm’s US operating entity and Habib as CEO of the European division. ALGO Technologies was established as a separate company to deliver ALGOEngineering’s technologies to the wider market; Misra was named CEO.[4]

In April 2010, Algo Technologies introduced ALGO M2, its low-latency trade matching engine for internalizers, exchanges and multilateral trading facilities (MTFs).[5] The firm claims to have the lowest latency in the industry, with a round trip of 16 microseconds.

Misra left the firm in July 2011 and, soon after, co-founded Global Markets Exchange Group (GMEX), a London-based derivatives exchange.[6][7]

Key People[edit]