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Key People Vishal Shah, founder
Employees 5
Twitter @alpha5_io
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Website Alpha5 homepage
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Blog Alpha5 blog

Alpha5 is a cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform.[1] The platform operates using a system that runs on digital tokens called A5T tokens, which are insured via an insurance fund.[2]


Alpha5 is a cryptocurrency trading platform created by Vishal Shah. Development began in 2019; it is expected to launch in late Summer 2020. The platform bills itself as a "one stop shop" for cryptocurrency trading.[3][4]

The company consists of a small team of former employees from several financial institutions, including the CME Group, RBS, and the Indian Institute of Technology.[5]

In August 2020, Alpha5 told The Block that it had completed a fundraising round in which it raised $1.5 million. The round included participation from FBG Capital, CMT Digital, Altonomy, SNZ Holding, Nima Capital, and Polychain Capital. Founder Vishal Shah also said the platform had raised a total of $3 million in seed funding.[6]

Products and Services[edit]

Alpha5 plans to offer trading services for cryptocurrency derivatives including futures, swaps, and options.[7] The platform's marketing material has emphasized its cryptocurrency futures swaps as its most competetive product.[8]