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Amherst Holdings LLC
Headquarters Austin, Texas
Employees 100

Amherst Holdings is a holding company for financial firms focused on serving institutional investors in the markets for mortgage-related assets. Amherst Holdings emphasizes an analytical approach to these markets that focuses on the credit and performance characteristics of mortgage assets. It owns the subsidiaries Amherst Derivatives (a liquidity provider and intermediary in the mortgage-related interest rate and credit derivatives markets) and Amherst Securities (a broker-dealer specializing in residential mortgage-backed securities (RMBS)). [1]

The 15-year-old firm has been a player in the mortgage market for a long time, but has more recently been attempting to compete with banks weakened by the 2007-? credit crisis. It hired bankers, traders and analysts who left banks such as Bear Stearns and UBS, while also raising capital to expanding its trading activities. [2]


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