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Anova Technologies
Headquarters Chicago
Key People Mike Persico, Founder and CEO; Kieran Athy CTO
Products Low Latency Connectivity
Twitter @AnovaTech

Anova is a low latency network and custom optical engineering firm exclusively concentrated on HFT (high-frequency trading) and algorithmic trading clients.

The company custom builds routes intended to be as short as possible through an array of lit, dark and passive fiber. It then offers these paths as platforms to its global trading industry customer base.[1]

Much of the technology the company deploys has been customized from a software, hardware or micro-build perspective. Anova gravitates towards build over buy whenever possible.


RFConnect is Anova Technologies’ newest and fastest platform that delivers data to HFT and algorithmic traders using a technology unencumbered by the physical limitations of fiber optic cable lines.

Dark Fiber[edit]

For those clients who have been expanding their leased bandwidth and have crossed a threshold of capacity, Anova Technologies offers facilities-based network solutions through its Dark Fiber services.

Other services that can be stacked with Dark Fiber include: diverse routing, fiber reconfiguration, splicing, and cross connects.

OptiWave - Ultra-low Latency Connectivity[edit]

OptiWave offers ultra-low latency connectivity to the Chicago and New Jersey metro areas, with their equities, futures, FX and cash exchanges. It uses the fastest/shortest paths currently available between exchange matching engines.

All major Chicago, Toronto, New York and New Jersey endpoints are On-Net.

Passive Waves[edit]

The Passive Waves platform involves an installation of a non-electrified filter onto a pair of dark fibers, thus delivering the capability to offer a single fiber color & frequency.

As with dark fiber, end users then can place their own optronics on the path endpoints to create best-in-class latency.

Key People[edit]


  • Anova Technologies was a winner at the 12th annual Chicago Innovation Awards for its RFConnect hybrid laser system. [2]