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Arab Federation of Exchange
Founded 1979
Headquarters Beirut, Lebanon
Key People Mohamed Farid Saleh, Chairman, Arab Federation of Exchanges and Executive Chairman, The Egyptian Exchange
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The Arab Federation of Exchanges ("AFE"} is an industry organization created in 1979 to connect Arab stock exchanges.[1] It was rebranded in 2021 as the Arab Federation of Capital Markets.

The federation's mission is to create a transparent environment for the Arab capital markets, develop market members and reduce barriers of securities trading across the countries. It aims to harmonize laws and regulations in Arab countries and adopt technologies for trading and clearing systems.

The board consists of all stock exchanges and clearing houses of the Federation and has the highest authority in the AFE.

The Federation Secretariat is the executive organization of the Federation, headed by the Secretary General, who has the financial and administrative powers.[2]

The AFE holds an annual conference. The head of the stock exchange that holds the annual conference is elected the Federation's chairman of the year.



Members of the Federation are exchanges, clearing and settlement companies and brokerage firms. The federation headquarters is located in Beirut, Lebanon.

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Key People[edit]

The AFE executive committee is made up of


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