Atsushi Saito

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Atsushi Saito
Occupation CEO
Employer Japan Exchange Group
Location Tokyo

Atsushi Saito was named chairman of KKR Japan in August 2015.[1] Saito became CEO of the Japan Exchange Group in January 2013 following the combination of the Tokyo Stock Exchange Group, Inc. (TSE) and Osaka Securities Exchange Co., Ltd.[2] He left the Japan Exchange Group in June 2015. He had been president and CEO of TSE since 2007.[3] He replaced Taizo Nishimuro who moved to the role of chairman.

Saito serves on the board of directors of the World Federation of Exchanges.[4][5]

In 2017, Saito was inducted into the Futures Industry Association's Futures Hall of Fame, which was established in 2005 to commemorate outstanding contributions to the global futures and options community. [6]


Saito started his career as a junior analyst at Nomura Securities, and spent 35 years at the firm, stationed twice in New York and appointed to the board in 1986. At Nomura, he worked in Treasuries and fixed-income dealing and several other divisions, rising to become deputy president.[7]

After retiring from Nomura, he served successively as president, then chairman of Sumitomo Life Investment Co, before being appointed in April 2003 as president of Industrial Revitalization Corporation of Japan (IRCJ), the state-backed group formed to restructure the banking system’s bad-loan crisis.[8] [9]


In February of 2008, Saito's monthly salary was cut by 10% for one month following trading system failures at the TSE.[10] Senior managing director and COO Yasuo Tobiyama and CIO and managing director of TSE's systems unit, Yoshinori Suzuki also had their salaries cut by 10% for one month.


Saito graduated from Keio University in 1963.