Atsushi Yoshikawa

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Atsushi Yoshikawa
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Occupation President, Group COO and Wholesale CEO
Employer Nomura Holdings
Location Tokoyo, Japan

Atsushi Yoshikawa is the president of Nomura Holdings, Inc. and group chief operating officer and chief executive officer of wholesale division at Nomura Holdings, Inc.


Atsushi Yoshikawa was a senior managing director of the investment banking division at Nomura Securities Co. Ltd.. He served as the chief executive officer and director at Nomura Asset Management Co., Ltd.

Atsushi Yoshikawa served as the chief executive officer and president at Nomura Holding America, Inc. and the chairman, chief executive officer, and president at Nomura Securities International, Inc. since June 1, 2011.

Atsushi Yoshikawa served as Regional Chief Executive Officer of Americas at Nomura Holding America, Inc. since April 1, 2012 and as its Executive Vice President. [1][2]


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