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FTSE Russell banner 2016.gif
FTSE Russell banner 2016.gif

Founded 2011
Headquarters Shanghai, China
Key People Huang Xiaoyu and Yang Linke, Co-Founders; Bobby Lee, Co-Founder and CEO
Products Cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform
Twitter @YourBTCC
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BTCC was one of the earliest and most successful Chinese cryptocurrency trading platforms.

BTCC (then operating as BTC China) closed operations in China on October 1, 2017, in response to a crackdown on trading platforms by Chinese authorities that started after an announcement to that effect on September 4.[1] Having once been one the longest-running as well as one of the largest Chinese exchanges, the platform changed its name from its original BTC China to BTCC when it reopened in July 2018. I also said that it would run a mining pool and support its own new Mobi wallet software.[2]

On June 24, 2021, BTCC announced that it had closed its Chinese trading and mining operations.[3]

Products and Services[edit]

When BTCC re-opened in 2018, it focused on offering a renminbi-priced perpetual bitcoin contract which it launched in 2019. BTCC claims that this was the first physically-settled perpetual bitcoin contract. The instrument allows up to 150% leverage for both bitcoin and Ethereum contracts.[4]

Key People[edit]

Huang Xiaoyu, Co-Founder; Yang Linke, Co-Founder; Bobby Lee, Co-Founder and CEO