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Balkan Gas Hub EAD
Founded 2019
Headquarters Sofia, Bulgaria
Web site

Balkan Gas Hub EAD is a Bulgarian company that operates natural gas trading platforms and aims to establish a liquid gas trading hub in Southeastern Europe. It was founded in January 2019 by Bulgartransgaz EAD, the Bulgarian gas transmission system operator, to develop a gas distribution hub on the territory of Bulgaria.[1][2]


Balkan Gas Hub EAD was created to facilitate the establishment of a gas distribution hub and liquid trading platform for natural gas in Bulgaria and the wider Balkan region. Its founding aligns with the European Union's goals of building an interconnected and unified pan-European gas market, as well as the plans for developing gas infrastructure in Central and Southeastern Europe (CESEC region).

The company is part of the Memorandum of Understanding for cross-border cooperation regarding the development of an integrated natural gas market in Southeast and Eastern Europe (SEEGAS).


Balkan Gas Hub EAD operates electronic trading platforms that service the natural gas markets within the Balkan gas hub. In synergy with the physical infrastructure of the gas distribution hub, it aims to provide the prerequisites for establishing a liquid, Bulgaria-based natural gas trading hub in Southeastern Europe.

The platforms offer short-term and long-term products, including spot and forward contracts, as well as auctions for natural gas trading. The company provides market participants with a natural gas trading platform with functionalities required by the EU Network Code on Gas Balancing.

Strategic Objectives[edit]

Balkan Gas Hub EAD has outlined the following long-term strategic objectives:

  1. Enhance transparency and liquidity in the natural gas markets of Southeastern Europe.
  2. Create a reliable, stable, and integrated regional gas market to meet the needs of traders, customers, and users.
  3. Enhance energy security and create opportunities for diversifying natural gas supply sources.
  4. To achieve these goals, the company prioritizes further interconnection and sustainable regional cooperation between Southeastern European markets. This is intended to ensure security of supply, enhance market liberalization, and increase liquidity in national gas markets.

Its operational objectives include providing a competitive environment for traders and users, offering standardized products with minimized risks, and ensuring transparent and non-discriminatory access to the electronic platform for all market participants.

Balkan Gas Hub EAD is headquartered in Sofia, Bulgaria, and as of April 2023, it had 5 employees.


Transamision System Operators (TSOs)[3]
Number Member EIC
2 ICGB AD 58X-ICGB-00-00-H
3 NOMAGAS JSC Skopje 21X000000001389О

Key People[edit]


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