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Founded 1985
Headquarters Fairfield, Iowa
Key People Sol Waksman, Founder/President
Products Alternative Investment Products/Analysis

BarclayHedge, formerly known as The Barclay Group, provides institutional clients and high-net-worth investors in the hedge fund and managed futures sectors with performance measurement and portfolio management products, niche publications, database and software programs and consulting services.


The Barclay Group was founded in 1985 in Fairfield, Iowa, as a research specialist and performance measurement firm. It hosts the Barclay Alternative Investment Database, which tracks and analyzes the performance of around 6,500 hedge fund and managed futures investment programs worldwide.

The Barclay databases, the Barclay Hedge Fund DataFeeder and the Barclay CTA DataFeeder, underpin the research reports and performance rankings that appear in Barclay’s various publications and directories, including the quarterly Barclay Managed Funds Report.

Barclay Hedge created and regularly updates 18 proprietary hedge fund indices and 10 managed futures indices. The Barclay indices are used by financial media and investment consultants as performance benchmarks for the alternative investment industry.


  • Barclay Hedge Fund DataFeeder: Created to help investors and money managers keep on top of the alternative investment market, this product is provides a comprehensive, up-to-date downloadable database specific to single manager hedge funds and funds of hedge funds. It has more than 100 unique qualitative fields per fund and over 500,000 individual monthly data points that are refreshed twice a month and maintain an average update frequency of 92 percent within 30 days[1].
  • Barclay CTA DataFeeder: Combines data contained in the Barclay CTA database, the Barclay Multi-Advisor Futures Funds database, and the suite of Barclay CTA Indices in a single DataFeeder. trading centers. The Barclay CTA DataFeeder provides the latest performance data for more than 800 managed futures programs. Month-end updates provide up-to-date monthly returns and assets for more than 96 per cent of the CTAs universe within 30 days.[2]
  • Barclay Managed Funds Report: First published in 1991, the quarterly newsletter contains 24 hedge fund and managed futures performance ranking tables, manager profiles, roundtable discussions on timely topics of interest to managed futures and hedge fund professionals and investors. [3]

Key People[edit]

  • Sol Waksman is the founder and president of BarclayHedge.