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Unpaid Newsletter Subscribers/Non-Subscribers
If you are NOT a paid subscriber to either of the newsletters you can sign up and pay immediately via Paypal, or you can request an invoice:

  • Select the appropriate payment option from the table below.
  • Send an e-mail to Jeff Bergstrom.
  • In the text body please indicate your name and any company affiliation.
  • A username and password will be e-mailed to the account registered for the newsletter along with simple instructions to get you started.
  • IMPORTANT: Before editing anything on MarketsWiki, please read our page on Article Creation Standards

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Why Must I be a Paid Newsletter Subscriber to Contribute?
To preserve the integrity of the information here, editing and contribution is limited to paid subscribers of either newsletter (though anyone can read the contents on this site). The subscriptions help pay for our team of professional journalists and technical support consultants, and the limited access ensures that we're not fending off and repairing vandalism and disinformation in our articles. Paid newsletter subscribers are demonstrating a participation and commitment in the financial industry that makes them a great addition to our community of knowledge.

Subscription Payment Options[edit]

The John Lothian Newsletter and JLN Options provide unique commentary and a daily overview of the news and events in the securities, futures, and derivatives around the world. Where other sites and newsletters focus on changing prices, our newsletters cover the events and people that move and shape the entire financial industry.

Publication John Lothian Newsletter Options Newsletter
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Enterprise subscriber

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($115/year per person)
Send email with your name, company and number of people who wish to subscribe.
Journalists (Complimentary)
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Three Good Reasons to Pay for a Subscription[edit]

1. Your paid subscription helps power the wiki.

Dedicated server hardware, editors and site administrators aren't free, and we need them all to make the MarketsWiki site a high quality, accurate and effective place to visit. Newsletter subscriptions help make it possible to fund the people and equipment we need. Plus, while you're helping to fund the wiki, you're also getting an outstanding newsletter!

2. Registering helps us protect the wiki.

One of the oft-repeated criticisms of wiki information sites is that they are vulnerable to vandalism and the malicious tainting of information. While it's possible to repair and defend against attacks to our integrity, we'd rather take the approach of requiring user names for all contributors. This will remove 99% of all misinformation-related problems, because we won't have random destructive visits to repair. It will also be highly unlikely that visitors will sabotage the information of competing organizations or viewpoints, because we will be able to easily track exactly who has done what. Paid newsletter subscribers are demonstrating a participation and commitment in the financial industry that makes them a great addition to our community of knowledge.

3. Editing a wiki is FUN!!

Editing pages in a wiki is fun and, for some people, an addictive pastime. Finally, when you see nagging spelling errors or a formatting problem, you don't have to take the time to email requests or post comments in the hope of getting it fixed. Just edit the page and make it better! If you know something about the CEO of XYZ Clearing corporation that would be good for others to read, you can just add the information. If you know a lot about a kind of trading strategy that isn't covered in the wiki, you can write an article and know that the next time someone searches for that topic, they'll find your information.

Best of all, you add what you know, when you can. There are no minimum editing levels to meet. Not a great writer? No problem! We or someone else in the community will see what you've written and clean it up. It's a collaborative process: everybody contributes where they can.