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Blockchain Transparency Institute
BTI logo.png
Founded 2018
Key People Sylvain Ribes
Products Market reports
Twitter @BTI___

The Blockchain Transparency Institute (BTI), a registered non-profit, states on its website that it is " . . . a group of Blockchain data researchers looking for more honesty and transparency in the cryptocurrency sphere. Knowing that this is the technology upon which our future society is being built, it is essential that a culture of trust and conscious integrity supports this endeavor." BTI lists two types of partners, nine "data research partners" and thirteen "investor class supporters."[1]

In its first report published on August 26, 2018 BTI reported that more than two-thirds of the top cryptocurrency exchanges reporting to CoinMarketCap had falsified their traded volume reports. BTI's methodology is based on comparing the total numbers of unique site visits with reported volumes. BTI reported that Binance was the largest exchange by traded volume according to its estimates. It also found significant fault with data provided by Bitfinex and OKEx. The U.S. based exchanges appear to report accurately and Coinbase was observed to be the largest among them.[2]