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Blue Ocean Technologies, LLC (BOT) is an American financial technology company that operates an alternative trading system (ATS) called Blue Ocean ATS. The company's mission is to enable global trading of U.S. equities during overnight hours when major U.S. stock exchanges are closed.[1]


Blue Ocean Technologies was founded in 2019 with the goal of transforming U.S. stock trading into a globally accessible 24/7 market structure. Its subsidiary, Blue Ocean ATS, LLC, launched the Blue Ocean Alternative Trading System (BOATS) platform to facilitate trading in U.S. National Market System (NMS) stocks between 8:00 pm and 4:00 am Eastern Time from Sunday through Thursday nights/early mornings.

This "Blue Ocean Session" bridges the typical overnight gap in trading of U.S. equities, allowing global investors, particularly those in Asia-Pacific markets, to trade U.S. stocks during their daytime hours. The company aims to provide an "exchange-like" experience with electronic order routing, execution, and live data feeds.[2]


Blue Ocean ATS is a FINRA-registered alternative trading system that enables trading in over 1,200 NMS stocks and ETFs listed on major U.S. exchanges like the NYSE and Nasdaq. U.S. broker-dealers that are subscribers to the ATS can access it to execute trades on behalf of their global institutional and retail clients during the overnight trading session.[3][4]

In 2022, Blue Ocean Technologies expanded its reach into the Asia-Pacific region through a strategic partnership and memorandum of understanding with Samsung Securities, increasing access for Korean investors.

Blue Ocean Technologies and GTN, a global fintech firm, announced a partnership in March 2024 to provide 24-hour access to trading US stocks for investors in the Asia Pacific and Middle East regions. This collaboration marked Blue Ocean ATS's first expansion into the Middle East and continued growth in the APAC region.[5]

Blue Ocean Technologies partnered with dxFeed in April of 2024 to introduce a new data feed for US equities, offering pricing information outside of regular trading hours. Operating from 8 pm to 4 am EST, the data feed includes both original and derived data options, it allows trading as early as 8 pm on Sundays, making it the first to offer pre-market prices after the weekend.[6]

Transaction Network Services (TNS) partnered with Blue Ocean Technologies by utilizing TNS’s global network for real-time, extended-hours trading on the Blue Ocean ATS.[7]

In 2022, Broadridge Financial Solutions partnered with Blue Ocean Technologies to integrate the Blue Ocean ATS with Broadridge's NYFIX network.[8]

In March 2023, RQD Clearing partnered with Blue Ocean Technologies to enhance after-hours trading by integrating real-time trade capture and straight-through processing of clearance into Blue Ocean ATS's overnight sessions, effective March 1, 2023.[9]

Key People[edit]

In May of 2022, Brian Hyndman was appointed CEO of Blue Ocean Technologies while retaining his role as president, while Ralph Layman transitioned to non-executive chairman. Matthew Horisk was promoted from chief technology officer to chief information officer and also took on the role of chief operating officer, succeeding Hyndman. Greg Shinnick, co-Founder and managing director of Blue Ocean ATS, stepped down, but continued serving on the board of directors.[10]