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Founded 2007
Headquarters London
Key People John Yonker, CEO
Products Transparency services

Simplitium (formerly Boat Services Ltd.), owned by Nasdaq, is a MiFID-compliant trade reporting platform that enables investment firms to meet their pre-trade quoting and post-trade reporting obligations for European OTC equity trades. The platform collects, collates, validates and stores OTC trade data and publishes it to the market in real-time and provides trade surveillance, crossing and portfolio risk management.

The company partnered with the London Stock Exchange Group to provide MiFID II compliant reporting on a platform called TRADEcho, launched in June 2016. By August 2017, more than 350 customers had signed on to use TRADEcho's reporting services.[1]

Simplitium also provides a platform for catastrophe modeling called Boat Oasis, which is aimed at insurance and re-insurance companies looking for a shared modelling service that encourages firms to develop models.

The company rebranded from Boat Services to Simplitium in November of 2017.[2]


In 2006, nine investment banks formed a consortium to create Markit BOAT.[3]

In 2007, Cinnober developed a pre-and post-trade reporting system for it. Cinnober acquired Boat from Markit in July 2014, taking full control of the European trade reporting service, which Markit had announced would be closed. However, Cinnober saw value in the service and demand for independent trade reporting. It changed the name to BOAT Services.

In 2015, the firm implemented a long-term strategy to include international banks, offering the service to banks that are required to report OTC transactions beyond equities as a part of MIFID II. Cinnober partnered with the London Stock Exchange in September 2015 to offer a comprehensive, shared reporting service, which is based on MIFID II trade reporting requirements. It officially launched the service called TRADEcho with the London Stock Exchange in June 2016. TRADEcho was granted trade reporting approval for the Markets in Financial Directive II, or MIFID II in August 2017 by the UK's Financial Conduct Authority, allowing it to publish post-trade transparency reports on behalf of investment firms which are required to meet reporting requirements. [4][5][6][7] [8][9][10][11][12]

Cinnober was acquired by Nasdaq in January 2019.[13]

Products and Services[edit]

More than 25 investment firms use Simplitium to meet their OTC equity MiFID reporting obligations.

The London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) in October of 2016 selected Simplitum (together with the fintech firm Autilla) as the chosen provider in the LBMA’s Request for Proposal (RfP) process, which aims to improve transparency and efficiency in the precious metals market.[14] In the first quarter of 2017, Simplitium (then Boat) and the LBMA launched a trade reporting service to support the development of valuation curves.[15]

Simplitium and London Stock Exchange’s TRADEcho service formed an alliance in January of 2017 to offer an open access Smart Report Router (SRR) to address requirements for investment firms laid out in MiFID II, including the requirement to publish trades to the market as close to real time as possible. The Smart Report Router determines if and when the buy or sell side counterparty should publish the trade, and where there is a requirement it routes that trade to an Approved Publication Arrangement (APA) of choice for publication.[16]

The firm partnered with KiteEdge in September 2017, to offer a customized search tool for asset managers. The tool, called Apex, allows clients to find and collaborate on information that is aimed at helping firms meet Mifid II requirements.[17]

Move Into Catastrophic Risk[edit]

In January 2017, a new service called Boat Oasis was launched in a partnership with Oasis, a not-for-profit group of about 40 insurance and re-insurance firms. It offers catastrophe risk models from a range of cat risk modelling providers globally to re-insurers. Boat Oasis offers a different approach to catastrophe risk loss modeling for the global insurance sector and added new models to the platform in August 2017.[18]

In 2017, the firm signed agreements with catastrophe risk model provider COMBUS for various risk models for Australia and a portfolio analytics tool called TigerEye, to be used on the platform. It also added models from Applied Research Associates on US hurricanes and CatRisk Solutions' Middle East Earthquake modeling. In September 2017, the firm added UK flood risk models from JBA Risk Management onto the platform.[19][20][21]

Key People[edit]