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CME Group Foundation
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Founded 2008
Headquarters Chicago, Illinois, USA
Products Philanthropic organization
Twitter @CMEFoundation
Web site

The CME Group Foundation supports "accademic initiatives and activities that enhance economic opportunity, primarily in the Chicago region."[1] Its priorities include early math education, charter school expansion, economic and financial education and academic research on futures and derivatives policy.


The foundation was started in 2008 with a $16 million endowment from the CME Trust, the exchange's customer protection fund founded in 1969. In 2005, CME Trust received approval to distribute its net income to public charities. The trust has made an annual contribution to the foundation ever since.

The foundation is part of the exchange group's corporate philanthropy. Other initiatives include:

  • CME Group Community Foundation which provides disaster relief and support for children in need, education, and health and human services.[2]
  • CME Group Assistance Fund which was established in 2001, following the September 11 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center, as a public charity designed to provide disaster relief and hardship assistance for persons affiliated with the physical commodities industry.[3]
  • Matching Gift Program for members and employees to honor their involvement in the community.
  • CME Foundation Scholars Program designed to support talented and motivated undergraduate students pursuing degrees in finance, economics, computer science, mathematics, and related fields.

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