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CVC Capital Partners Group
Founded 1981
Headquarters Luxembourg
Key People Michael D. C. Smith, Chairman Donald Mackenzie, Co-founder and Managing Partner Hardy McLain, Co-founder and Managing Partner
Products Private Equity
Releases Company News

Founded in 1981, CVC Capital Partners ('CVC') is a leading global private equity and investment advisory firm, headquartered in Luxembourg with a network of 20 offices across Europe, Asia and the US.[1]

CVC Capital Partners specializes in middle market, mature, successions, management buyouts, leveraged buyouts and buyins, and acquisitions. It seeks to invest in industrial and service sectors including telecommunications, information technology, electronics, biotechnology, medical, energy, chemistry, new materials, industrial automatisms, industrial goods and services, other manufactured goods, financial services, manufacturing, services, distribution, media, retail, TMT, consumer goods, buildings, and public works.[2]

The firm also seeks to make infrastructure investments in Europe in the following sectors: transport, public or business utilities, provision of government services, communications infrastructure, energy production and provision, and businesses providing related regulated services.


Products and Services[edit]

CVC Capital Partner Group provides equity capital by investors to companies that demonstrate the potential for growth in value. The capital is typically invested from closed-end funds managed by investment advisory companies. CVC is focused on the large buyout sector of the private equity market. CVC's funds acquire controlling interests in companies with an average enterprise value of €1 billion or more.

Key People[edit]