Capstone Holdings Group, LLC

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Capstone Holdings Group, LLC
Headquarters New York, N.Y.
Key People Paul Britton, CEO
Employees 50+

Capstone Holdings Group, LLC is a private company that specializes in business consulting. It is the parent company of Capstone Trading and Capstone Global Markets.[1]


In 2009, Capstone Global Markets hosted their first annual charity day, which was dedicated to support research focused on finding a cure to Batten Disease, a rare but fatal neurodegenerative disorder affecting children. Capstone's boutique derivatives broker-dealer committed to donating 100% of its net commissions that day to The Jasper Against Batten Fund. The newly created annual event was part of Capstone's commitment to giving back to the global community regardless of the macro financial environment. Every year, Capstone Global Markets will select specific charities to donate to, each with the common goal of helping children. Jasper Duinstra is a 4-year old boy who was diagnosed with Batten Disease in March 2009, and has subsequently been experiencing seizures, deteriorating vision, limited vocabulary and paralysis in his legs.[2]

Products and Services[edit]

Capstone Global Markets is a broker-dealer that specializes in volatility trading strategies. The firm trades across equities, commodities, currencies, credit and fixed income markets. Capstone Global Markets provides institutional clients with access to markets in the U.S. and has a U.K. affiliate that provides access to markets in Europe.

Key People[edit]