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Carbon Markets and Investors Association
Founded 2008
Headquarters London
Web site

The Carbon Markets and Investors Association (CMIA), formed in August 2008 by the merger of The Carbon Markets Association (CMA) and International Carbon Investors and Services (INCIS), is an international trade association representing service providers to the global carbon market.[1]

The organization changed its name in October 2011 to the Climate Markets & Investment Association.

The goal of CMIA is to promote market efficiency and environmental integrity in global carbon markets with an eye on the next greenhouse gas emissions treaty, after Kyoto, which ends in 2012. The group is also focused on key issues such as market oversight, voluntary market policy, forestry, EU ETS, US carbon market and emerging carbon markets in Asia.

The organization has about 50 member companies which includes: financial institutions, carbon funds, project developers, lawyers, accountants, verifiers, emissions brokers and IT firms. CMIA says its membership represents three-quarters of the transaction value of the global carbon market.[2]

Key People[edit]

CMIA president - Abyd Karmali, managing director and global head of carbon markets at Merrill Lynch

CMIA director - Miles Austin, head of climate change at Norton Rose

CMIA vice-chairman for policy - Paul Dawson of Citigroup

CMIA vice-chairman for North America - Odin Knudsen of JP Morgan


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